Grey or black trousers (grey or black shorts may be worn in the summer)
White or royal blue polo shirt
Royal blue v-neck jumper
Black school shoes



Grey skirts or pinafores OR grey or black trousers (a blue and white gingham dress may be worn in the summer)
White or royal blue polo shirt
Royal blue v-neck jumper or cardigan
Black school shoes

P.E. and Sports


T-shirt in House colours
Royal blue shorts            
Royal blue tracksuit – optional

N.B. Shoes for school should be black ‘school’ shoes. If sandals are worn they should be black, navy, brown or white and should ideally have covered toes for safety reasons. Trainers are not to be worn except for sports/PE.

Jeans, hoodies and other fashion clothes/shoes are not considered suitable dress for school.
Children should always have in school a change of clothing and plimsolls for P.E. School T-shirts and shorts are available from our uniform suppliers, together with blue tracksuits which may be worn for P.E. in cold weather, but are not to be worn all day. Items should be named and kept in school in a named draw-string bag, also available from the uniform suppliers. School teams are supplied with kit for their matches.

Hairstyles – Extremes of style/colour are not considered appropriate for school. Anyone considering such styles should speak to the Headteacher first.

Jewellery is not allowed to be worn in school (for Health and Safety reasons)

Our school uniform suppliers are:-
Identity Kits (23 Broad Street, Wells Tel: 01749 670000) who also offer a mail order service and online ordering at www.identitykits.co.uk

Lost property

Please encourage children to leave toys and articles of value at home, as so much distress is caused if things are lost or broken. Children should not be bringing mobile phones to school as there is no need. PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS OF CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME. The lost property box is located in the gated entrance leading to the School Hall