Fox Class (YearS 4 & 5)

Learning Information

Welcome to Fox Class. 

  Below you will find general classroom information such as our curriculum overview, our homework project and spellings for this term. 



In Fox class we’ll focus on a non - fiction, fiction and poetry unit of work each short term.  We will begin by focusing on recount writing about UFO sightings. We’ll focus on adverbials of time, space and number, using commas correctly, including to clarify meaning and avoid ambiguity and to indicate parenthesis, use expanded noun phrases to convey complicated information.  Then in our fiction unit we will be looking at the classic fiction Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse. We’ll be focusing on relative clauses, adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility and punctuating dialogue accurately. Lastly, we’ll be looking at ‘I Like That Poem’ by Kaye Webb. Looking at brackets, dashes and commas to indicate parenthesis.  


We will be using a slightly less traditional approach to maths in Fox Class this year as we approach maths in a more topic and block-based system. This means we will spend longer on each ‘topic’. The blocks will not be covered in a week or set periods of time but are suited to the children’s learning, some blocks such as place value will be 10 days whereas addition and subtraction will be 12 days. These blocks give children a chance to dig a little deeper into each topic and becoming more familiar with concepts and vocabulary. Once the skills have been practised we then end each block by using reasoning skills and problem solving. The blocks we aim to cover this short term will be place value, addition and subtraction, decimals and fractions.  


Fantastic forces will be hitting Fox Class this term! We’ll be looking at and experimenting with air and water resistance, creating our own mini parachutes, making and racing streamlined boats, as well as thinking about gravity and the effects on objects and how friction comes in to play with braking systems.  


We will focus on the question ‘What do Christian people believe about God and incarnation?’ We will start the unit by thinking about the nativity story and where it is found, reflecting on how Jesus can be considered both human and divine, ideas of God and what he is like, lastly God’s creation.   


Our Vikings topic will cover a wide range of areas including; When and where Vikings came from and why the raided Britain, comparing the significance of Anglo- Saxon kings during the Viking period, King Ethelred, Danegold, Viking life.  


New Beginnings is the focus for this term. The children will be thinking about how they feel as they settle into a new year group and class, how others might be feeling and what opportunities new beginnings can bring.  


The children will continue to work with Miss Yates in their conversational Spanish expanding on their greetings they learned last year. The children will look at colours, months of the year and continue to practise numbers.  


The children will be doing music with Mrs Lewis and will start by looking at body percussion. This allows the children to create simple beat and practise tempo and practise internalising these two skills.  

 Art/ DT

The Viking theme will continue as we research, design, make and race our very own Viking boats.  The children will research different sail designs, heads and tails of the long ships as well as shields. The children will then take ownership of their projects, by sourcing some of their chosen materials suitable for a ship shape success!  

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