Badger Class (Year 6)

 SATs are over!

So a number of Badger Class were quite disappointed to see this on the whiteboard on Friday morning: 


What? Lessons? Surely not! I'm not sure what they expected me to do with them until the summer, but apparently not this!

However, having worked so incredibly hard this year, I am doing what I can to provide practical, group-based and hands-on learning whilst we all reacclimitise to normal school life. In maths we have been learning about and comparing non-standard measurements (starting with the ancient Egyptian 'cubit')...

...and in Literacy we have been discussing topics worthy of debate (Should children wear school uniform? Should fossil fuels be banned?) and trying to present arguments both for and against:


Ah least there was the Fun Run in the afternoon! 

Miss Yates


Topic: Explosive Earth

In geography we have been looking at the structure of the earth. We were told to draw a diagram of the earth for homework or something like that. Some people really went out of the box and decided to make…                                                             

CAKE!!! (and trifle...)

Those people were:

  • Oscar,
  • Lonnie,
  • Jamie,
  • Isaac,
  • Ellie and Lyla,
  • Ava,
  • Becca,
  • Charlotte,
  • Lucie.

It was a piece of intercut, scientific homework that was very delicious. Here are some pictures:



Written by Ellie and Charlotte

Note from Miss Yates: Yes, I am well aware that we are a 'healthy school'. However, I can't think of a single activity that would have better drummed into everyone the structure of the earth. They will remember it forever...


Bringing the heart to life!

On Wednesday the 23rd of January, Badger class did a science activity to do with the human heart.

They set up a circuit to do with the red blood cells being pumped round the body. A few people from Badger class acted as organs. The rest of the the class had to do the circuit of the human body and deliver oxygen in red blood cells to the organs. They also had to collect the carbon dioxide and take it out to the lungs.



Report by Louis G



SPRING TERM 2019: Please click here to find out what we're learning this term.  


Welcome to a new year in Badger Class!

This is going to be another extremely busy and exciting year for our Year 6s. We always have so much to pack in, with many things to be looking forward to already. There will be sporting events, theme weeks, craft days and assemblies, with lots of fun and interesting lessons and activities planned. 

In our final term, we have the much-anticipated Year 6 camp and perhaps an end of year performance… By then, SATs will be over and everyone will be looking forward to the new challenges that secondary school will provide.

Badger Class have already had a very positive impact in helping our Reception pupils to settle in – it is really important for these new children that they are well supported as they adjust to school life and it is lovely to see the Year 6s being so helpful, caring and encouraging to children so much younger than themselves.

I like to include photos in web page updates where possible, so here are some from the Tag Rugby Tournament that we took part in at Chew Valley a couple of weeks ago. All three teams did incredibly well, coming 1st and 2nd in Division 2 and 3rd in Division 1. Considering I had split the teams completely randomly and most of the class hadn’t played tag rugby since Year 5 this was more than a little impressive!





Please find here my September letter to parents and carers with some information about the class and the year ahead.

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